Security & Life Safety

Secure What Matters

Whether you require a home safety alarm system or a commercial security system, Built-In Systems is the local expert with the world-class customer service. We’ll design a custom security system around your needs, as well as install it for you, then we stick around for maintenance if you desire.


Our security alarm systems are effective against all manner of intruders and protect your family, pets, and possessions; as well as employees, customers, and company assets. Regardless of your needs, Built-In Systems has a solution to fit, or we’ll invent one.


Built-In Systems is proud to offer both New custom installation, as well as Takeover plans. Please select view our Residential and Commerical packages below to get started.

Commercial Security & Saftey Solutions

Commercial properties and businesses are especially vulnerable to break-ins, thefts, and arson, making it absolutely critical that you protect your customers, employees, and company assets. Burglars, break-ins, employee theft, arson, and critical system failure are all potential risks to your business.

Residential Security & Saftey Solutions

Feeling safe inside your own home is a right, not a privilege. Built-In Systems recognizes the need of residential homeowners to protect their homes, families, and possessions. Home invasions, break-ins, burglaries, vandals, thieves, and criminals are a constant threat in today’s modern age. Fight back with cutting-edge technology.